garda?dhana example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. Search, seek honors, aspire to the honors, being greedy of honors 2. 56 Challenging honor the natural gifts and primitive conditions, and allowing them their free play, he opposes excessive reasoning and analysis that would reduce everything to a love of self selfish and greedy 3. But selfish, greedy care and love, I wanted the whole world to occupy me and, at the age of five, I had not yet put off the old Man 4. Here, the central hero Crow, which he recounts the many adventures, similar to the "hero cheats" to man-coyote Indian: it is an anthropomorphized animal comical way, a being stupid, "bad", greedy , ridiculous 5. In Huairapamushcas (1948), whites are proving capable of humanity, while Indians and Métis are presented as lazy and greedy beings

Given are the examples of hindi word garda?dhana usage in english sentences. The examples of garda?dhana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., grabby, greedy, pig, voracious, avaricious, covetous, ravening, grasping, prehensile, rapacious.

Gradually people encouraged animals like sheep, goat, cow and pig to come near the camps where they lived.धीरे-धीरे लोग भेड़, बकरी, गाय और सूअर जैसे जानवरों को अपने घरों के नज़दीक आने को उत्साहित करने लगे|

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During one of the long dark evenings just before Christmas, the master smith and his helper sat in the dark forge near the furnace waiting for the pig iron, which had been put in the fire, to be ready to put on the anvil.
The stranger had stretched himself out on the floor and lay with a piece of pig iron under his head and his hat pulled down over his eyes.
How much hay have you stacked? Just think, I felt greedy and had a whole field cut, and now I'm not at all pleased about it because I'm afraid my hay may rot.
On Bishamber's greedy face appeared a triumphant smile.
But I will not have such a mean, greedy and contemptible coward as my husband.
” He placed the greedy and selfish individuals and exploitative nature of modern technology as the root cause for resource depletion at the global level.
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