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Transliterated examples :
1. Very often both attitudes are based on a curious synthesis 2. ) book so curious about Clotilde and Comte, according to family papers, as it warned biographer's own nephew of his romantic heroine 3. While fell into place this curious mixture of feudalism and absolutism, kings Charles IX (1604-1611) and Gustav II Adolf (1611-1632) did their kingdom a great European power 4. It is not sufficient, however, that the writer is content to extrapolate the success, because the reality soon joined anticipation 5. Locally, one can describe the geometry of ?: S from differential data having an intrinsic geometric content (jets theory)

Given are the examples of hindi word ga?dhnu usage in english sentences. The examples of ga?dhnu are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., grabby, greedy, pig, voracious, avaricious, covetous, ravening, grasping, prehensile, rapacious, avaricious, grabby, mercenary, miser, vulture, anxious, curious, eager, avid, raring, agog, willing, keen, sharp, in a hurry, impatient, thirsty, keen, eager, desirous, glad, in the mood, content, wishful.

Gradually people encouraged animals like sheep, goat, cow and pig to come near the camps where they lived.धीरे-धीरे लोग भेड़, बकरी, गाय और सूअर जैसे जानवरों को अपने घरों के नज़दीक आने को उत्साहित करने लगे|

Even where members of a department willingly cooperate and work, coordination gives a direction to that willing spirit.
Case analyses of the lives of great people can also be highly illuminating for those willing to learn from their life experiences.
Simultaneous processing helps you in grasping the meaning and relationship between the given abstract figures.
Your parents were not anxious enough to have you learn.
Watching someone sip a cup of tea at a roadside tea stall you may wonder when did people begin to drink tea or coffee? Looking out of the window of a train you may ask yourself when were railways built and how did people travel long distances before the age of railways? Reading the newspaper in the morning you may be curious to know how people got to hear about things before newspapers began to be printed.
He or she may wonder what to do with workers not willing to work to their potential.
Organisations keen on developing effective communication should adopt suitable measures to overcome the barriers and improve communication effectiveness.
Participation and involvement of subordinates may help to gain ready acceptance and willing cooperation of subordinates.
He became an eager astronomer, too, sometimes star-gazing all night.
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