baarayaabee example and sentences

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Given are the examples of hindi word baarayaabee usage in english sentences. The examples of baarayaabee are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., induction, penetration, accession, admittance, access, entrance, admission, entry, entree, advent, arrival, induction, coming, check in, tentacle, approach, outreach, access, reach, compass.

Consequently, the goods do not reach the market and hence the demand for them declines and competitors enter the market.

This is a case of being efficient but not effective since the goods did not reach the market.
Restricted entry: The entry to a profession is restricted through an examination or through acquiring an educational degree.
He has to position the advantages that outsourcing to India offers in terms of lowered costs and access to a wide talent-base, while expertly addressing concerns on weak areas like infrastructure in India.
Theories can be broadly classified as either representing a psychometric/structural approach or an information-processing approach.
The psychometric approach considers intelligence as an aggregate of abilities.
On the other hand, the informationprocessing approach describes the processes people use in intellectual reasoning and problem solving.
The major focus of this approach is on how an intelligent person acts.
The above mentioned theories are representations of psychometric approach to understand intelligent behaviour.
Sternberg s triarchic theory of intelligence represents the informationprocessing approach to understand intelligence.
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