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Given are the examples of hindi word vipramukta usage in english sentences. The examples of vipramukta are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., control, unwrapped, unsealed, unfastened, gaping, unbuttoned, unfixed, devoid, without.

The major problems with observational methods are that the observer has little control over the situation and the reports may suffer from subjective interpretations of the observer.

A typical capitalist enterprise has one or several entrepreneurs (people who exercise control over major decisions and bear a large part of the risk associated with the firm/enterprise).
You will see how they established control over the economy and society, collected revenue to meet all their expenses, bought the goods they wanted at low prices, produced crops they needed for export, and you will understand the changes that came about as a consequence.
This was because of many factors: the loss of markets and productivity because of the decline of the Mughal Empire, control of the sea routes by the Portuguese and competition from Bombay (present-day Mumbai) where the English East India Company shifted its headquarters in 166 Today, Surat is a bustling commercial centre.
Both the Dutch and English East India Companies attempted to control Masulipatnam as it became the most important port on the Andhra coast.
However, the European Companies used their naval power to gain control of the sea trade and forced Indian traders to work as their agents.
Can you think of soem reforms? What can an ordinary citizen do to face these challenges? Supporters or hired musclemen of party or a candidate gain physical control of a polling booth and cast false votes by threatening everyone or by preventing genuine voters from reaching the polling booth.
Next day when Tilloo s father went to work, he found the Control Room full of excitement.
For his father had at last taken him to the Control Room.
But we control all its parts and can exercise our power if it is up to any mischief.
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