vipralopee example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण

Given are the examples of hindi word vipralopee usage in english sentences. The examples of vipralopee are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., kaput, wasted, destroyed, annihilated, loss, spoiled.

Cooperation in the absence of coordination may lead to wasted effort and coordination without cooperation may lead to dissatisfaction among employees.

This was because of many factors: the loss of markets and productivity because of the decline of the Mughal Empire, control of the sea routes by the Portuguese and competition from Bombay (present-day Mumbai) where the English East India Company shifted its headquarters in 166 Today, Surat is a bustling commercial centre.
Sudan is an example of a country that has experienced a loss in population numbers due to out-migration or emigration.
Cost of operation is determined by excluding non-operating incomes and expenses such as loss on sale of assets, interest paid, dividend received, loss by fire, speculation gain and so on.
A Famine is characterised by wide spread deaths due to starvation and epidemics caused by forced use of contaminated water or decaying food and loss of body resistance due to weakening from starvation.
All revenue and expense accounts appearing in the trial balance are transferred to the trading and profit and loss account and all liabilities, capital and assets accounts are transferred to the balance sheet.
When the errors committed in one accounting year are located and rectified in the next accounting year, profit and loss adjustment account is debited or credited in place of accounts of expenses/losses and incomes/ gains in order to avoid impact on the income statement of next accounting period.
These factors cause degradation in quality, loss in weight, poor germinability, discolouration of produce, all leading to poor marketability.
Appropriate vaccination can prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases and reduce loss of poultry during an outbreak of disease.
Thus, the maximum chemical reactivity at the extreme left (among alkali metals) is exhibited by the loss of an electron leading to the formation of a cation and at the extreme right (among halogens) shown by the gain of an electron forming an anion.
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