Meaning of kamajor in english - Kamajor meaning 

Meaning of kamajor in english

Interpreting kamajor - कमजोर
Suggested : a weak, ineffectual, timid person unable to help oneself weak or dependent soft or delicate in substance not hard or tough tending to shake or tremble unable to produce an effect
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Usage of कमजोर:
1. एशियाई बाजारों में कमजोर रूख के चलते निवेशकों और कोषों द्वारा बिकवाली का दौर चलने से बंबई शेयर बाजार (बीएसई) का सेंसेक्स लगातार चौथे सत्र में गिरकर आज करीब 81 अंक गिरावट के साथ 26408.74 अंक पर खुलाlivehindustan.com2. शहर और आसपास के जिलों में कल तबाही मचाने के बाद आज वरदा चक्रवात कमजोर पड़ गयाlivehindustan.com3. वरदा चक्रवात कमजोर पड़ा: मौसम विभाग
1. It means figuratively Make incapable, powerless 2. Will moron, shaky 3. From sheep tender well 4. It's a helpless 5. Krill are a type of shellfish and shrimp-like marine invertebrate animals. 6. Attacking act weakly 7. David goes by Dave for short . 8. Who is impotent whole body or a part of the body 9. BREAK still means in this sense become weak, feeble 10. A frail craft
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kamajor and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. The word is used as Adjective in hindi originated from Persian language . Transliteration : kamajora 
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