Meaning of namakaran in english - Namakaran meaning 

Meaning of namakaran in english

Interpreting namakaran - नामकरण
Suggested : Ecclesiastical a ceremonial immersion in water, or application of water, as an initiatory rite or sacrament of the Christian church the ceremony of baptism, especially as accompanied by the giving of a name to a child to immerse in water or sprinkle or pour water on in the Christian rite of baptism an act or instance of nominating , especially to office
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Usage of नामकरण:
1. टाटा में जन्म लेते ही चार बेटियों का नामकरण रियो ओलंपिक में देश का नाम रोशन करने वाली बैडमिंटन खिलाड़ी सिंधु, पहलवान साक्षी, जिमनास्ट दीपा और तीरंदाज दीपिका के नाम पर किया गयाlivehindustan.com2. आंगनवाड़ी भवन का नामकरण स्व. पाटीदार के नाम पर रखा जाएगा bhaskar.com3. दूसरी ओर अभिनेता ऋषि कपूर भी योजना के नामकरण के विवाद में कूद पड़े हैं
1. Keaton received her second Academy Award nomination for the film. 2. Patrick in 434 to baptise an Eoghanacht Chief, Carthann the Fair. 3. dragees christening 4. In the Eastern tradition it is usually conferred in conjunction with baptism 5. Isaac Behunin is credited with naming Zion
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namakaran can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 6 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : naamakaraNa 
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