Meaning of (संवार) snvara in english - (संवार) Snvara meaning 

Meaning of (संवार) snvara in english

Other : repair
Suggested : any member of the kingdom Plantae, comprising multicellular organisms that typically produce their own food from inorganic matter by the process of photosynthesis and that have more or less rigid cell walls containing cellulose, including vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, and hornworts to hide withdraw or remove from observation cover or keep from sight to stifle or suffocate, as by smoke or other means of preventing free breathing a removable or hinged cover for closing the opening, usually at the top, of a pot, jar, trunk, etc a movable cover a piece of opaque or transparent material worn over the face for concealment, for protection from the elements, or to enhance the appearance
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Usage of संवार:
1. 23 अप्रैल राशिफल: कर्क- रिश्ते संवार पर रहेंगे]]> ibnlive.com2. VIDEO- टॉम ब्वॉय थी मैं खुद को संवार कर यहां तक पहुंची हूं: प्रियंका livehindustan.com3. VIDEO- टॉम ब्वॉय थी मैं खुद को संवार कर यहां तक पहुंची हूं: प्रियंका
1. Playing cards on the table Do not conceal the reason why we act, do not hide the means which are used in a case 2. Botanical plant of the Labiatae family, commonly called QUEUE-DE-LION 3. TRUE, speaking of persons, means Who speaks, who acts without disguise 4. , It is a real carême- taking, says a person dressed wildly, which makes it look like a mask 5. In Navarre, resistance to Ferdinand's invasion collapsed 6. The cell wall of bacteria is also distinct from that of Archaea 7. Fearing future armed opposition from Sandino 8. All his companions were massacred, and himself n 'escaped only with great difficulty 9. The diagnostic signs of tuberculosis , of cancer 10. On San Miguel Island the decline began in 1994
(संवार) snvara can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : s.nvaara 
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